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Microsoft 365 - EUX

Office 365 - End User Experiance

Hortium is the leading solution for end user Microsoft Office 365 analytics including Office Suite, Dynamics, Exchange and Outlook, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, ADFS and MORE to detect, diagnose and fix performance issues fast. Manage and Control End User Experience from the edge with business based Service Level Objective (SLO).

Understand what good performance looks like. When it’s off the baseline, understand where to look and how to fix.

Office 365 - User to the Cloud and beyond

Microsoft 365 is mission critical.  If Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, TEAMS Online is slow or down, so are your users and your business. When that happens, it’s your job to find what is responsible, at your ISP, Microsoft or something in-between.

Office 365

  • Outlook and Exchange
  • Dynamics and Azure Services
  • Office 365 Online
  • OneDrive and Sharepoint
  • Any Microsoft Service from Anywhere

Office 365 Adoption

  • Office 365 Online
  • Outlook and Exchange
  • Azure and Dynamics

Assess, Test, Diagnose, and Report

Microsoft 365 monitoring is a challenge. Traditional monitoring tools can’t see past your firewall or into the Microsoft environment, and the Microsoft Office 365 Service Health Dashboard has no visibility outside Microsoft’s network. If these are the only tools you have, you’ll find yourself in the dark the next time you’re trying to figure out if there’s an outage or where the problem is. You need a solution with end-to-end analytics into the end-user experience from your users in to Microsoft’s cloud.